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Vision of PPC

Skilled, committed and audacious journalist for educated community

Mission of PPC

PPC intends to build the capacity of the Pemba journalist and media people to better serve the community through lobbying and advocating for positive participatory development, freedom of information and expression

Welcome message

“We welcome you to our official website. We are truly grateful to you for your visit here and hope to have memorable moments throughout your visit.

Pemba Press Club exists to fulfill first and for most that people are enjoying the freedom of information and expression as their constitutional right and therefore they are eager to see that people, journalist and other media people are taking the leading role on receiving and providing information to Pemba community that will lead them in effectively participating in the development process. Their long term dream to see that through skilled and audacious  journalist Pemba people are better informed, educated on their rights and therefore be accountable of their rights and development.”    ~ Chairperson, PPC